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Rhino Shield is the perfect exterior coating solution for your home. For over a decade including over 20,000 successful installations worldwide, Rhino Shield has pioneered the development and installation of long lasting ceramic elastomeric wall coating technology. Far more durable than traditional paint, Rhino Shield keeps your home looking beautiful and protected for years to come. Our coating may be applied to virtually any home’s exterior–wood, stucco, brick, block, vinyl siding, metal–even shingle roofs! Rhino Shield looks like paint but is engineered to last much longer.  We offer a 25 year product warranty against cracking, chipping, and peeling.

You have spent considerable time and money making your business successful. But what about the building that houses your business? Its physical appearance affects your company’s image with customers, tenants, and employees. Rhino Shield’s ceramic elastomeric wall and roof coating systems offer a permanent solution to exterior wall coating and roof maintenance. Frequent exterior maintenance is expensive, time consuming, and inconvenient to employees, customers, and day-to-day operations. Rhino Shield is perfect for virtually any substrate including brick, block, stucco, cement, wood, metal, and more. It looks just like traditional paint but is guaranteed to not crack, chip, or peel while offering superior corrosion resistance, UV ray reflectivity, and waterproofing. And we have specially formulated coatings for commercial sloped and flat roofs! We’ve protected commercial properties worldwide including hotels, condominiums, apartments buildings, retail, professional buildings, warehouses, and churches. Let us let you focus on managing your business, not managing your maintenance.

Rhino Shield offers an array of industrial coating solutions to address many typical industrial maintenance problems. Our industrial line consists of rust inhibitors and encapsulators, high gloss polyurethanes, water-based epoxies, and ceramic epoxies. Successful applications include heavy use outdoor railings, warehouse floors, metal roofs, car wash bays, industrial steel poles, parking garages, potable water tanks, and chemical storage tanks. We’ve even coated fighter jets and wind tunnels! Let Rhino Shield help solve your most difficult industrial maintenance problems.

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