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They Asked and Angie Answered

Like many home projects, the decision between ceramic coating and paint comes down to what you want to spend upfront and what you want out of your paint job.

Based on recent reviews from Angie's List members nationwide, the average cost for a home exterior paint job is around $3,700. If you want to do it yourself, you'll pay between $15 and $30 per gallon of paint.

Ceramic coating costs significantly more. A complete home covering from Rhino Shield, for instance, is $12,000 on average. For DIY, Liquid Ceramic-brand coating, sold in five-gallon pails, breaks down to $60 a gallon.

If cost isn't an issue, ceramic coating might be for you, considering the long-term benefits.

While a traditional paint can consists of 60 percent water, ceramic coating is a thick polymer base that bonds to the exterior surface and lasts much longer. The waterproof, salt-tolerant coating doesn't chip or flake, and you're paying for that longevity and durability.

Rhino Shield backs its product with a 25-year transferable warranty. Liquid Ceramic says its coating will endure three to five times longer than regular paint jobs, which typically last five to seven years. That is where the true savings occur, over the long haul, as repeated repaints are no longer necessary.

Rhino Shield has thousands of colors to choose from. Liquid Ceramic has four bases — pastel, medium, deep and accent — and you'll need to take the product to a local professional paint store for tinting.

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